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    Yue Oprea - Romance of the Red Silk
    Presented by the Zhejiang Xiao-Bai-Hua Yue Opera Troupe
    Playwright: Gu Song'en
    Director: Yang Xiaoqing
    Leading Roles: Fang Xuewen, Yan Jia, Jiang Yao, He Jionghua

    Though being poor, Zhang Qiuren, an aspiring youth, endured humiliation in the tough life and took on heavy burden to stick to the love. Breaking through feudal code of ethics, he married his lover at last.
    This play has been granted the fifth 'Wenhua New Play Award' and the 'Wenhua Award' for over 100 plays by the Ministry of Cultural and the second 'Lu Xun Literary and Arts Excellent Achievement'.
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