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Yuyao possesses a rich ancient historic culture and beautiful landscapes. It is a tourist city with unique glamour and bountiful resources.
  Yuyao became a county early in Qin Dynasty. It has a history and a resplendent culture.
It was traditionally known as a celebrated place of outstanding personages and cultural legacies, and the most famous county in the southeast. Now, Yuyao is a city of Zhejiang Province famous for its historic culture. Yuyao has the legendary ruins left by Emperor Yu Shun, a sage king of ancient China. Legend has it that Shun once ploughed in the Lishan and he hide away a secret map.
  There is a long list of ancient celebrities born in this marvelous land, such as Yan Ziling, a nobleman in Eastern Han Dynasty, Yu Xi, an astronomist in Jin Dynasty, Yu Shinan, a politician and calligrapher in Tang Dynasty, Wang Yangming, a philosopher and educator in Ming Dynasty, Zhu Shunshui, a Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges envoy at the transition period of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Huang Zongxi, a statesman and writer of Qing Dynasty. Hence the saying "Natives along the Yaojiang River are the most distinguished in the country".These brilliant celebrities of the ages left later generations not only a rich cultural legacy, but also numerous literary spots and moving legends. Examples include the historic site related with Yan Ziling on Kexing Mountain and Wang Yangming's former residence known as Ruiyun Mansion. Yuyao borders on Hangzhou Bay in the north and stretches to the Siming Mountains in the south, with the Yaojiang River meandering through in the middle, making an enchanting pleasant natural scene. Yuyao is an important stop along the Road of Tang Dynasty Poetry'made up of Kuiji, Siming and Tiantai.
The 72 mounts of the thousand-li Siming Mountain, the Taoist resort known as the No.9 Cave Heaven, the white Water Palace where a waterfall purls down, the Red Mountain and Red Water, and the mirror-like Heavenly Lake are all Fairy lands on earth where you can find the poems of literary men of the ages Li Bai, Maoran, Fan Zhongyan, Wang Anshi, and Lu You, etc., who left their footsteps here in the past. The discovery of the 7,000-year-old 'Hemudu Culture Ruins' made Yuyao one of the birthplaces of the Chinese people.

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