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Shaoxing is an attractive city with a history of over 2500 years. Since early times, it has been a major administrative town. From 770 to 211 BC it was capital of the Yue kingdom.
Shaoxing is known as 'Cultural State', because it is a birthplace of many famous scholars, writers, and poets.
Historic relics and tourist attractions include the Shen Garden (Shenyuan) built in the Southern Song Dynasty, Jian Lake, the Lan Pavilion, King Yu's Mausoleum, and East Lake. The local traditional operas are Yue and Shao operas.
Celadon wares and Chinese torreya (Fengqiao Xiangfei) are the local traditional specialties. Chinese torreya is a kind of herb medicine and has been grown here for over 1000 years.
With a history of over 2000 years, Shaoxing wine (Shaoxing Laojiu) is very famous all over China. Shaoxing cuisine is distinctive.
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