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Mass Culture Institute of Zhe Jiang Province
Address:No.11 Shu Guang street, Hangzhou

Deputy of Corporation: Zhen Yong Fu
Chairman: Shen Hui
Secretary General: Zhen Yong Fu
Corporation area: academic research, intercommunication and training

Founded in December,1982,the institute has more than 400 members now, leading by present Chairman Mr.Shen and Secretary General Mr.Zhen.
Obeying Marxism, Mao Ze Dong ideology, Deng Xiao Ping theory and The Three Representatives theory of Jiang Ze Ming, the institute mainly engages in academic research of civil literal workers, offering counseling and training.
So far, the institute has held about 20 proseminar on community culture, square culture, suburban town culture and mass literal career development. Complete four research tasks, published 7 sorts of basic academic monographs,3 sorts of academic corpus, and fostered thousands of literal cadres of grass roots.

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