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Ningbo Yong Opera Troupe
Established in the early years after Liberation of China, Ningbo Yong Opera Troupe is now a first-grade key troupe of Zhejiang Province, member of the National Society for Modern Theatre Research and the only specialized Yong opera troupe in China. The troupe used to have a batch of famous actors such as Jin Yulan, Huang Junqing, Xu Qiuxia, Wang Zaisheng, Wang Wenbin and Zhao Dingying and noted script writers such as Hu Xiaohai, Tian Fang, Lu Sheng, Xie Fang, Xiao Xiaomin, Wang Lizhen, Li Wei, Zhou Dongzhao. The operas staged by the troupe round the year include "Half Pairs of Scissors" and "Let it Be" in the Qing Dynasty costume, "The Snail Girl" in ancient costume, "The Thunderstorm" and "The Ridiculous Marriage" in modern fashions. In fact, Yong opera is a better fit artistic form to represent contemporary life. The modern opera "Two Bothers" staged by the troupe in 1954 took part in the East China Opera Joint Performance and received wide acclaim among the audience. After the Cultural Revolution, the troupe staged "The strange Marriage of the Prodigal Son", "The Cross of Love", "The Wedding of Writer", "The Unemployed Section Chief Rou" received countywide awards. The recently staged "The Hard Family" and "Sang Lan" also received awards at the provincial opera festival. Main actors of the troupe now active on the stage include Yang Liuting, Wang Jinwen, Zhuo Shenzhu, Wang Litang, Wo Xinkang, Zhen Shunqin, Zhong Aifeng, Chen Anli, Yu Jie, Yan Yaozhong, and the main script writers include Wang Xinhou, Ying Lide, Dai Wei, Zhang Mikang and Bo Xiaobo. Among the wide array of artists, one enjoys the State government allowances for professional excellence, four have senior technical titles and 11 have senior assistant titles.
The 16 graduates from Ningbo Art and Performance School in 1996 have become a new force of the troupe and have cut a figure on the stage.

Yong opera, with its light melody and wide themes, provides a minute representation of life in particular and finds wide welcome among people in Ningbo, Shanghai and Zhoushan.

With caring and support from the leadership, the troupe now has its own theatre called "White Cloud Theatre" which accommodates near 600 audiences. The stage of the theatre is 15m deep, 14m wide and 21 high complete with performance facilities and suitable for various performances.

Legal representative: Wang Jinwen
Address: No.121 Lantian Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Postal code: 315010
Tel: +86-574-87113095
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