>> Right Up Side Canine Tooth of Jiandeneese    
>> Dinosaur Eggs Fossil    
>> Chinese Fasten Tooth Shark of Changxing    
>> Pterosaur Skull of Linhai    
>> Estate Agreement of Zhuman's Wife, Eastern Jin Dynasty    
>> Annals of Shanghai, Ming Dynasty    
>> Tianyi Library Album, Ming Dynasty    
>> Stone Carving Dragons of Shiwang House, Qing Dynasty    
>> Great Bright Wall of Siwang House of Tai Ping Tian Guo, Qing Dynasty    
>> 'Jin Shi Deng Ke Lu' 11th year of Jiajing, Ming Dynasty    
>> 'Dian Shi Ce Lun Dui'    
>> Round Fan Painted By Cai Yuanpei    

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