Hu Zhou City Museum
This museum was built in 1962.Now it has treasured up 8,334 pieces of relics featuring jade articles and stonewares of the New Stone Age,original celadons of Qing Dynasty,chinawares of Song,Yuan and Ming dynasties,calligraphies and paintings of Ming and Qing dynasties.

Since the municipal museum was moved into Hu Zhou Currency Assembly Hall,it had conducted theme exhibitions such as "Dragons in the Dragon Year" and "History and culture of Hu Zhou in Song,Yuan,Ming and Qing dynasties" and tens of temporary exhibitions.More than 300,000 person-times of tourists had visited this museum.The provincial government confers "Province-grade patriotism education base" and "Provincial model museum" on this municipal Museum.

Hu Zhou City Museum is in charge of municipal relics protecting business.Since 1987,it has conducted several salvaging archaeological excavation operations,unearthed more than 100 pieces of relics,including some curiosas of first and second national grade.Furthermore,it constantly engages in protecting and reparing relics and culture relics protection units in the city.Especially the recovering and repairing project of Hu Zhou Currency Assembly Hall gains broad reputations for this museum.

The construction of a new hall of Hu Zhou City Museum is now put into the government schedule.The location is beside Mao'Er Harbor,at the foot of Ren Huang Mountain,in the west of Hu Zhou downtown.This project has launched in 2002.

Address:No.80 Gong Yuan Road,Hu Zhou
Telephone:0572-2021712(curator's office)