Chang Xing New Fourth Army Su-Zhe Military Area Memorial
Located at the junction of Zhe Jiang,An Hui and Jiang Su province,it was the headquaters of the First Column of New Fouth Amy Su-Zhe Military Area in 1945.On April 15th 1961,Zhe Jiang Province Government conferred "Province-grade key culture relics protection unit" on this headquarters site.
The figuration of this memorial follows a late Qing Dynasty civilian architecture style,consists of two storeys and 46 rooms in all.The construct acreage is some 2,000 square meters.Exhibitions in this memorial include position map,leader list,documents,notices,military map,unrefined weapons made in local arsenals,booties,"Sun Nan Newspaper",paper money of South China Bank,pictures and mementos of martyrs.All these materials reveal the splendent history of anti-Japanese battles in Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang led by General Su Yu.
Address:Wen Tang,Kui Kan Village of Chang Xing County