Li Shui City Museum
Established on the basis of Li Shui County Relics Management Committee Office,it was first organized in 1984,and promoted as a municipal synthetic museum in 2000.

Li Shui City Museum is an education base of patriotism and historical materialism.It takes charge in academic studies on local history,folk customs,paddy-plow culture and She Clan culture.

At present more than 2,000 pieces of relics have been collected in this museum,featuring chinawares,revolutionary mementos and relics of She Clan,such as the certificate and badge of Liberty Party during the Public of China reign,the tablet of Peace Kingdom and lotus-petal-veined bowls of Long Quan Kiln in Song Dynasty.Among these collections,6 have been identified as the first grade relics,and 15 are of the second grade and 50 of the third grade.This museum is engaging in collecting and exhibiting relics of folk culture,paddy-plow culture and She Clan culture that feature local traits.

Address:No.701 Gua Cang Road,Li Shui City