Qing Yuan Xianggu Mushroom Museum
This exclusive theme museum of Xianggu mushroom was founded in 1996.The total construct acreage is 1,500 square meters,comprising two basic exhibitons named "Xinaggu" and "The history and revolutionary stories of Qing Yuan" and a multi-function hall.

"Xianggu" theme contains 15 groups of contents,such as the planting history and culture of Xianggu,the technical procedure of Xianggu planting,Xianggu biology,edible Xianggu,the medical value of Xianggu,the technology of edible bacterum and Xianggu trade.There also diposes a scene of Xianggu planting on Mushroom Mountain a the model of mushroom house where the peasants used to live in.These items basically conclude the Xianggu mushroom culture of China."History and revolutionary stories of Qing Yuan" consists of three parts,the social development history of Qing Yuan,the development history of chinaware and the history of revolutionary warfares.This exhibtion comprehensively reveals the history of Qing Yuan and the brief history of revolution in this county based on the historical sites and relics.

The multi-funciton hall dispays selected works of paintings,calligraphies and photographs.

Address:No.138 Xin Sheng Jian Road,Qing Yuan County