Long Quan City Museum
Reposes on the Jiu Gu Mountain of Long Yuan Town,this museum possesses some 2,000 square meters of construct acreage.Since the opening on 11th October 1989,it has been greatly supported and welcomed by local people,and conferrd "Patriotism education base of Zhe Jiang Province".

Long Quan Museum is famous for Long Quan Celadons.It mainly engages in constant exhibitons of Long Quan Celadons,Swords and local natural resources and other temporary theme exhibitions.The Long Quan Celadon Hall systematically introduces the history,artistic traits,historical position and influence of Long Quan Kiln;The Sword Hall includes intructions of developing history,producing,technical procedures and curiosas of Long Quan Swords;the Nature Hall refers to the specimens and scenes of creatures in Long Quan and the state-grade nature proctecting area Feng Yang Mountain,known as "The cradle of ancient plants in East China" and "The photography base of China";the temporary exhibition hall colaborates with core tasks and enriches the content of exhibitions by importing different kinds of temporary exhibitions.

Address:Jiu Gu Mountain,Park Road,Long Yuan County of Long Quan City