Bei Lun Museum
Bei Lun Museum broke earth in the end of May 1994,completed and opened on March 12th,1996.This building occupies 500 square meters.The construct acreage is 1,000 square meters,in which 450 is for exhibition.

The basic exhibition in this museum consists of four sectors,Ancient Bei Lun,Modern Bei Lun,Contemporary Beilun and Natural Science Hall.The ancient sector reveals time-honored Bei Lun history and culture with abundant unearthed relics;modern sector reflects glorious revolutionary tradition of Bei Lun citizens;contemporary sector is a theme exhibition that concludes the great achievements of Bei Lun since the Reform and Opening;natural science hall displays part of Bei Lun animal and plant specimens,introducing the nature and science characteristics around Bei Lun.

Bei Lun Museum is the first county-grade synthetic museum in Ning Bo.It has received visitors more than 1,5000 person-times since its opening.Bei Lun Museum is entitled as Bei Lun and Ning Bo patriotism education base.

Address:No.11 Zhong He Road,Xin Qi Town of Bei Lun District,Ning Bo city