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     During the Southern Song dynasty, in addition to the brisk business and great variety, the singing and talking had the following characteristics:
     I. There were many people in the profession, hence many artists.
    Due to the great variety of singing and talking and their brisk business, there were large numbers of people involved in this field. Famous artists come to the fore in every genre. For instance, Novel had more than 60 artists like Cai He, Li gongzuo; History Performing had more than 20 artists like Qian Wanjuan, Xu Gongshi; Shou Hun Hua had almost 20 artists like Monk Chang Xiao, Peng Dao; Chang Zhuan had more than 30 artists like Pu Silang, Shan Li Erlang; Xiao Chang had more than 40 artists like Xiao Po Po, He Shou; Zhu Gong Diao had upto 10 artists like Xiong Baobao, Gao Langfu; Tan Chang Yin Yuan had more than 10 artists like Tong Dao and Fei Dao; Shua Ling had more than 20 artists like Da Huotai and Li Jun; Piao Chang had more than 10 artists like Shi Erniang and Shi Jia; Shang Mi had more than 10 artists like Hu Liulang and Wei Dalin. In addition, there were also records about famous artists in Chang Jing Ci, Xue Xiang Tan, Zhuang Xiu Cai, Yin Jiao, He Sheng, etc. Those who had left their names amounted up to more than 250 people. Together with countless others, these artists of singing and talking not only had rich social experience, profound historical knowledge and lofty performing skills, but also were well educated. Some even were scholars with official titles.
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