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Zhejiang Folk Arts after the establishment of PRC
     People's Republic of China was established in October of 1949. Ever since then, Zhejiang folk arts have revived to greater development and prosperity with the support from the Chinese Communist Party and people's government at all levels.
     In the seventeen years from 1949 to 1965, Zhejiang folk arts have achieved a lot under the Party's cultural guidelines.
     In the first place, the Party and the government have strengthened the their role as the leader and the administrator of folk arts.
     In the early years after liberation, the country aimed to encourage variety, got rid of the stale and brought forth the fresh in the field of folk arts. According to this guideline, the essence of the country's First Cultural Congress in 1949 and the country's Traditional Opera Conference in 1950, and The Government Administration Council's Instruction as to Traditional Opera Reform, the Zhejiang Culture Department held a meeting in Jan 1951 to launch reforms. While there were reforms of artists, of plays, and of the whole system in traditional opera circle, the department also reinforced their leadership in folk arts. They took various measures to strengthen the teams, to encourage creative works, and to rescue and revive traditional arts. As a result, folk arts experienced a new birth and changed fundamentally.
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