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    A loyal follower of Cai Yuanpei, Lin Fengmian contributed greatly to the modern fine arts of the country. In 1928, with the help from Cai Yuanpai, he established the Hangzhou National Art Academy and took up the post of the principal as well as the professor. Like Cai Yuanpei, he was for communication and coexistence of Chinese and western arts. The Academy cultivated many accomplished artists like Liu Kaiqu, Li Kuchan, Li Keran, Wang Zhaowen, Wu Guanzhong and Zhao Wuji. His early works were mainly canvas paintings, such as Feeling The Way, Humanism and The Meaning Of Life. In 1947 he resigned office and devoted himself to the study of ink-and-wash paintings. In his artistic practice, he carried out his opinions to harmonize Chinese and western arts, and created a brand new genre of ink-wash paintings. His efforts opened up broad road for the development of Chinese modern paintings.

Figures On Theatric Stages, by Lin Fengmian
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