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    During Qianlong's reign of Qing Dynasty, Ding Jing was Qiantang was versatile. He felt that the seal made since Ming Dynasty was too shallow and weak and he wanted to have a change. He took in the cream of the seals of Qin and Han Dynasty as well as Liao's seal script. He originated a new style that was imposing and vigorous. As the first of Zhejiang School, his seals were simple but abundant in change. After Ding Jing, there was Jiang Ren (1743-1795) whose seals were admired for their ancient elegance; Huang Yi (1744-1802) gave his seals vigor; Xigang (1746-1803) made his seals simple but beautiful. Still later, there was Chen Yuzhong (1762-1802) whose seals were well known for its refinement; Chen Hongshou was regarded as the model of 'Zhejiang School' for his seals followed the style of Qin and Han Dynasty with great flexibility and vigor. Zhao Zhichen (1781-1860), the talented among the Zhejiang School, was fond of seals and excelled at jade seal carving. Qian Song (1818-1860) was especially good at cutting artistic seals and he wrote the book Collection Of My Seals. The above mentioned eight people were collectively called 'Eight Masters of Xiling'. Besides them, Hangzhou's Tu Zhuo, Xu Mao, Zhao Yi, Jiang Zhun, Haiyan's Zhang Yanchang, Fuyang's Hu Zhen were all famous seal makers. The influence of the upright Zhejiang seals with full internal power continued for hundreds of years. In 1904, Hangzhou's Ding Ren, Wang Zhi, and Shaoxing's Wuyin set up the Xiling Seal Society at the Solitary Hill by the West Lake to preserve and study seal cultures. They invited the Wu Changshuo, who was of noble character and high prestige, to be the director of the society. The four founders contributed to many writings, such as Wang Zhi's Interchangeability Of Seals and My Seal Collection and Ye Ming's The Biography Of Guang's Seal Cutters and Brief Biography Of Seal Masters. The seal world owes a lot to these books as makers and admirers of today still refer to them from time to time.
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