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    The zhejiang Qiantang native, Lin Bu (or Junfu, 967-1028) was a great calligrapher of the Northern Song Dynasty. He was not interested in politics and built his house on the Solitary Hill by the West Lake. He planted plums and raised cranes, and regarded them as wife and son. The emperor Song Renzong conferred him as Mr.Hejing after his death. He was not only good at paintings but also the calligraphy, especially running style. Huang Tingjian, the famous scholar gave him quite high praises. His masterpiece was the Hand Written Poems, which, like all his other works, was as upright as himself. Another calligrapher, Lu Jing (or Zilv, Yueren, Shanzhen and Xingshu) was famous for his calligraphic pieces (especially the regular style). His works could be found on the steles all over the nation, as most scholars of the time, particularly Ou Yangxiu, would like him to write their proud works down and had them inscribed for preservation. The Hangzhou native Qian Xie (or Mufu, 1034-1097) imitated the calligraphic skills of Ouyang Xun, Wang Xianzhi and was good at the regular and running styles. The Quzhou native Liu Zhenfu(or Dechu, 1060-1116) was good at the running style that were fluent and powerful.'
    The two most famous painters of the Northern Song Dynasty were Yan Wengui and Zhong Reng. The Wuxing native Yan Wengui had been a veteran before known as a painter. After his retirement from the army, he learned the painting skills from Hao Hui and sold the painting on the street for a living. One day an official named Gao Yi discovered his outstanding skills and recommended him to the court. Soon he became one of the royal painters. His style was called 'Yan's Scenery' which was represented by the works like Scenery from the Jiangshang Building and Hazed Mountains and Water Palace Volume. Zhong Reng (or the Huaguang Presbyter) was a famous monk then who was known for his unique skills for painting the plums with inks. But the now-existing Huaguang's Collection of Plums was probably a counterfeit finished by the other people.
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