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    Yu Shinan' Bo Shi, 558-638'as a famous calligrapher of Tang Dynasty who was born in Yuyao. The Xuanhe Calligraphic Works gave high praises to his works as being round, plump, flexible and upright. Together with Ouyang Xun, Zhu Suiliang and Xue Ji, they were collectively called The Four Great Calligraphers Of The Early Tang Period. One of his reserved works, The Epigraph of Confucius Temple was the classic of the Chinese regular script. Zhu Suiliang (or Dengdu, a Qiantang native, 596-658) had been a high-ranked official of Tang Dynasty before demeaned by the emperor due to his frank views on politics. He had learned from the Wangs (Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzi) and was influenced by Ouyang Xun and Yu Shinan. His work Preface To the Goose Pagoda Holy Cult produced in his late years was an excellent piece that mixed the regular script with official script and made great influences to the Chinese Calligraphy. Xu Hao (or Jihai 703-782) was a middle Tang Dynasty calligrapher who was bon in Huiji and late became a high-ranked official of Tang Dynasty. He admired The Two Wangs and especially Wang Xianzhi and was good at regular script, official script and cursive hand style. His representative works were Epigraph of Bukong Monk and Epigraph of Master Dazhi. There were other famous calligraphers of Tang Dynasty in Zhejiang like He Zhizhang, Gao Xian, etc.
The Epigraph of Confucius Temple, by Yu Shinan ->
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