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     Zhejiang music has a long history. In 1970s, Hemudu Cultural Relic of Yuyao, Zhejiang unearthed 160 pieces of bone whistles and pottery Xun (an egg-shaped, holed wind instrument), which proved that our ancestors had sowed seeds of music in this age-old land as early as 7000 years ago. With its superior geographic conditions, prosperous economy and rich culture, Zhejiang Province have brought up many culture celebrities generation after generation. This, in turn, contributed to the development of Zhejiang music, which is of distinct flavor and strong tinge of life in the region. Zhejiang music can be classified into various categories in history like "Zhejiang Gu Qin (seven-stringed plucked instrument), "Zhejiang Gongs and Drums" and "Zhejiang South Yangzi String and Pipe Ensemble", each having their own representatives.
     According to their ways of performance and content, Zhejiang music can also be classified as ballads, folk music, opera music and folk art music, etc.
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