Zhejiang Literature In Contemporary Era
    As for poem, the old poets like Ji Fang and Tang Shi continued their poem writing after liberation. Apart from them, there were lots of part-time writers who were mainly workers. In 1958, the whole nation began a large scale Great Leap Folk Poem Movement but presented little good poems except Li Suqing's Little Boat With A Roof. It won high praises for its charming artistic conception. In 1960s and 1970s, the poem writing had mainly served the political movements. Sing Towards the Sun was the representative of the period which was a collection written by several poets.
    In early 1980s, the aged, middle-aged and young poets had pushed forward the writing of poems togther with their jointed efforts. In 1983, Wang Jingzhi released Buy Life From Hades and Jifang released the collection named I Admire; in 1984, Mo Luo published the collection Cradle of Dream and Tang Shi released The Beautiful Dreamy Journey; and other middle-aged and young poets co-published their collections like The Little Dense Woods in 1982 by Zhang Deqian, Ji Yigong, Guan Sigeng, Cheng Weidong, Huang Yazhou and Xie Lubo and the female writers' poem collection Our March 3Rd in 1983 by Bing Ling, Zuo Yalin, Ma Yingying, Bai Hong and Yi Lin. Besides, poets like Huang Yazhou, Long Bide, Ji Yigong and Wang Biao released many long poems, set poems and short ones. The common characteristics of these poets are: they were brave enough to tell the truth, developed the themes and improved the artistic conception and use of language.
    From the middle of 1980s, the poem style change greatly. The modern style and realistic style interacted and developed together thus widened the views and ideations of the poets. Poem genres grew from singularity into great variety. In addition to the realistic genre, there were different genres like the Southern Life genre represented by Ke Ping, Gong Hui and Li Hong; the East Sea School represented by Wang Biao, Li Yue and Chen Yunqi; the Pioneer genre represented by Liang Xiaoming, Li Xuntian, Pan Wei and Liangjian. These poets not only released their poems in mainland China, they also released their poems on the publications of Hong Kong, Taiwan and U.S. The publication of poem collections increased year by year among which there were many influential ones like Ji fang's The Love Song With No Pause (1986), The Selected Collection of the East Sea School edited by Chen Qi and Wang Biao(1992), Tang Shi's The Blue Sonnet (1995), Ji Yigong's Facing the Sculpture (1995), Zhang Deqiang's The Sensitive Wing-bell (1998), Long Bide's Eye Contact With the Eagle (1998) and Lu Wenli's Incomparable Beautiful Scenery (1999).
    Besides, the Xia Chengtao Ci Poem Collection released in 1981 and the Tianfeng Pavilion Poem Collection released in 1982 were respectively old style Ci and poem collections.
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