Zhejiang Literature in Modern Times
    There were many parallel style article writers like Yao Xian and Li Ziming in Zhejiang in modern times. Besides, there were many other works like The Wulin Lanes Chorography which was the largest local chorography of China. As a part of The Wulin Lanes Chorography, the volume named The Wulin Anecdotes Collection was of high literature value.
    During the period, there were several valuable novels like Exterminate the Banditti and Seven Knights and Five Righteous Persons. Exterminate the Banditti was written by the Shaoxing writer Shi Wanchun which was quite good in writing skills but its feudalist ideas went against the stream. Seven Knights and Five Righteous Persons was revised from the folk Singing & Talking play. Both works were worldly and spread widely among the people. Besides, there were many censure novels like The New Stories About the Corrupted Officialdom, The Sequel of the Corrupted Officialdom and The Destiny of Evil Nemesis. Chen Yu was the representative writer of the so-called Mandarin Duck and Butterfly Novel School. His novel The Destiny of Teardrops was quite influential. There were some classical Chinese sketch-books, for example, the Deqing writer Yu Yue's Sketch of You Tai Xian House which was fluent in composing and with the characteristics of the scholar novels.
    Although the Za-Ju and legendary were declining in this period, there were still a few works like the Haiyan writer Huang Xianqing's Seven Kinds of Tunes of Yi Qing Pavilion and Yao Xian's The Fragrance Hill Wishes and The Fading Red Clothes. The female Hangzhou writer Wu Zao's Za-Ju Qiao's Shadow (i.e. The Picture of Reading After Drinking) was an important book in the female literature history. It was elegant in composing and rhymes and revealed the author's sad feelings when there were no bosom friends around. And, the Tan Ci (a kind of folk performance art) had been prevailing in this period.
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