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Zhejiang province is located in the south end of Yangtze Delta and faced with the East Sea. It enjoys a mild climate, abundant rainfalls, fertile soil and rich products. From the neolithic age to the end of 20th century, our ancestors have created a lot of splendid history achievements during the natural and social transforms of these long 7,000 years period. Moreover, Zhejiang is the important headstream of the WU & YUE Culture, which is well known for its rich and distinctive tradition. Nowadays, Zhejiang enjoys such titles as the capital of silk, the land of fishes and rice and the kingdom of culture because of is century-long history and glittering culture.
Stone AgeYin Dynasty
Shang Dynasty
Spring & Autumn Period
Warring States Period
Qin Dynasty
Han Dynasty
Northern and Southern Dynasties
Sui Dynasty
Tang Dynasty
Song Dynasty
Yuan Dynasty
Ming Dynasty
Qing Dynasty
Modern and Contemporary Achievements