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    In literature fields, the banner-man of the China's New Culture Movement, Lu Xun published his first vernacular Chinese novel Bedlamite's Diary in the famous magazine New Youth. In 1921, Shen Yanbin initiated the Literature Research Committee to promote the theory that art was originated from the real life; Yu Dafu initiated the Creation Academy to promote the theory that art should manifest one's true self. The novel collection Sinking by Yu Dafu has been the first collection since the China's New Culture Movement. Later on, the trilogy, Spring Silkworms, Lin's Shop and Midnight by Mao Dun began the anti- imperialism and anti-feudal main theme then. Besides, the Zhejiang scholars contributed a lot to the development of the modern poems and prose of China. In 1920s, there were lots of new-type poets and prose writers of different styles and genres, such as the earliest new-type poem organization Lakeside Poem Society established in Hangzhou, 1922; the Crescent Style represented by the poet Xu Zhimo; the modern genre poem represented by Dai Wangshu, the Red Instigation poems by Yin Fu and the Whitehorse Lake prose genre represented by Zhu Ziqing and Xia Gaizun, etc.
    In art field, there were famous ones like Li Shutong, Xia Yan, Zhou Xinfang, Gai Jiaotian and Yuan Xuefen who achieved their own successes in music, drama, movie and Yue Opera. Apart from these achievements, another outstanding facet of Zhejiang Modern Culture was fine arts.

Mao Dun
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