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    In modern times (from 1840 to 1949), Zhejiang culture inherited and developed the traditional Chinese culture and furthered the development in a tune of innovation and reform. Thus Zhejiang culture kept a driving tendency in its development.

    In learning and ideology fields, from 1840 to 1949, there were lots of revolutionists, ideologists and scholars like Lin Qi, Zhang Taiyan, Cai Yuanpei, Tao Chengzhang, Sun Yirang, Lu Xun, Chen Wangdao and Zheng Zhenduo who were rich in knowledge, profound in learning, studious in educating the people and also with the thoughts of patriotism and democracy. Yu Yueand Sun

Cai Yuanpei
Yirang were great masters of the nation's tradition science; Zhang Taiyan was a famous thinker; Cai Yuanpei was a great educator; Lu Xun was the banner-man of the China's New Culture Movement; Zhang Yuanji devoted all his lifetime to the education and publishing courses; Ma Yifu was considered the contemporary master of the Confucian school's idealist philosophy; Wu Han and Fan Wenlan were historians and Xia Chengtao was the master of the Ci poems; all of them were Zhejiang natives or had been staying in Zhejiang for quite long period. These scholars enjoyed very important positions in the modern history of China.
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