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    As for science and technology, the eastern Zhejiang architect Yu Hao of Northern Song dynasty was famous for the design of wooden pagodas and multi-floor buildings. His work Wood Scripture is the nation's earliest monograph on wooden structure buildings of the ancient times. The movable-type printing technology invented by the Northern Song publishing house worker of Hangzhou City, Bi Sheng is an important revolution on the world's printing history. From then on, printing industry began prevailing in Hangzhou. Half of the official publication Supervision Copy of Song dynasty was printed in Hangzhou. The books were marvelous with carving, printing, mounting and engraving patterns. In the Northern Song dynasty's Hangzhou, the famous scientist Shen Kuo was so versatile that he wrote the book Sketchbook of Dream Brook that has been regarded not only as a confluence of science but also a very priceless history file.
    From the early Tang Dynasty on, there were a lot of Zhejiang origin litterateurs, calligraphers and drawers. According to the history, there were altogether 867 poets engaged in writing Ci poems, among whom 216 poets were from Zhejiang province, nearly a quarter. There were such great poets of Tang and Song dynasties as Luo Bingwang, Meng Jiao, Qian Qi, Zhang Xian and Lu You whose poems had great influences to the development of the Chinese poems. During the Northern & Southern Song dynasties, Zhejiang was also the origin place of the Chinese dramas. There were many Za-Ju (a kind of drama) performances in Hangzhou when it was the capital of Southern Song Dynasty. It was in Wenzhou that the fully developed drama form of China's Xiwen appeared.

Zhao Mengfu, Washing The Horses

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