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    Compared with the cultures before the Qin Dynasty, the culture of Western Han Dynasty had highly developed and entered a glittering new era.
    From the founding of Western Han Dynasty to the end of Northern & Southern dynasties, the culture of Zhejiang had experienced the colorful period of 800 years.
    Wang Chong, a Shangyu philosopher of Eastern Han dynasty deeply influenced generations of ancient Chinese ideologists with his native materialism explanations to the relationship of spirit and material things in his book The Discourses Weighed in the Balance. In Wei, Jin and Northern & Southern dynasties, there were lots of famous Zhejiang scholars who made their efforts to put forth the observations of mathematics, historiography and philosophy. The most outstanding achievement of this period is the observation fruits of historiography: there were historians like Yu Yu, Shen Yue, Xie Shen, Xie Linyun, and the noted monk Hui Jiao, history works like History of Jin, Late History Of Han, Liang Wu Epoch, History of Song; and annals in different forms such as records, chronicles scripture, biography, rhyme prose. As for philosophy, Ji Kang was the most famous metaphysics ideologist of the time.
Wang Xizhi
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