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    During the Yin & Shang Dynasty, Bronze Culture appeared in northern China, and at the same time, Impressed Pottery Culture made its appearance in Zhejiang. It is a magnificent creation, as well as an adaptation to the local resources through the hard struggling against the natural world around the ancient Yue tribe. About Shang & Zhou Dynasty, the earliest professional impressed pottery kilns appeared in Shangyu, Zhejiang. The Xiaoshan Maowanli impressed pottery kiln relic excavated in 1956 is a well-protected typical site about the Spring & Autumn or Warring States Period. Among the excavations, there are lots of pottery fragments and deserted inferior wares with rice chinese figure and pane patterns decorated on the surface. Both the outside and the inside are painted a thin layer of cyan ceramic glaze. These excavations are hard and dense in modeling, easy to absorb the moisture, thick-bottomed, delicate and thin in body figures, plain-colored in surface and with helix veins inside. These clues show the pottery-making level then is greatly developed.
Impressed Pottery Culture
geometrical patterns on the fragments of the pottery ware
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