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    As early as in the Old Stone Age 50,000 years ago, the ancients made their appearance in the west part of Zhejiang province and are called the Jiandenese by the archaeologists now. The Jiandenese is the earliest human beings found in Zhejiang province.
    Then, the Xiaoshan Kuahuqiao Relic, the Yuyao Hemudu Relic and the Jiaxing South Lake Majiabin Relic are the three earliest cultures of the neolithic age about 7,000-8,000 years ago. And later, the human activity trace is followed by the Jiaxing Songze Relic (about 6,000years ago) and the Hangzhou Liangzhu Relic (about 5,000 years ago). The culture relics of the neolithic age spread all over the Zhjiang province from plains to mountains, mainland to islands. These evidences prove that the human activities were very active in Zhejiang province in the neolithic age. The ancients had been living and working in this area and finally changed the area and created their own culture. So Zhejiang is one of the origin places of the excellent Chinese Culture.
    Among the above-mentioned culture relics, the Yuyao Hemudu Relic and the Hangzhou Liangzhu Relic are very important to the whole Chinese history. After the excavations to these two relics, the results break the old understandings about the origin of the Chinese Civilization and proved the Yangtze River drainage area is also the important birth place of the Chinese Civilization.
Kuahuqiao Relic
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